An exhibition space. An observatory on national and international photography.
A platform for meeting and research.

The CAMERA project is rooted in the desire to provide Italy with a specialised centre dedicated to photography as a form of language, documentation and artistic expression, with the aim of valorising  and promoting Italian photography in a permanent and creative dialogue  with international experiences.
Through studies, experimentation  and activities concerning photography, CAMERA’s cultural offering aims to stimulate comparison, raise questions and investigate the narration of reality through imagery. The language of photography is thus studied down to the last detail transversally, and the results are displayed without making exceptions for genre or function. CAMERA promotes an international network of both individuals and institutions, whose collaboration is aimed at developing new projects, bringing the experience and the multiple potential of photography to a broad and heterogeneous audience.


2,000 square meter dedicated to photography.

The headquarters – 2,000 m2 – are to  be found in Via delle Rosine 18, inside the building belonging to the Opera Munifica Istruzione, known as the Isolato di Santa Pelagia, where the first public school in the Kingdom of Italy was opened. The position, in the heart of the city – between Piazza Vittorio and Piazza Castello, and a stone’s throw away from the Mole Antonelliana – makes it easily accessible both to tourists and members of the public.
The centre thus contributes to the liveliness of a neighbourhood already famous for the presence of cultural landmarks such as the National Cinema Museum, the Royal Palace, the Egyptian Museum as well as numerous private galleries.

The historical spaces transformed by the white of the plasterboard are a response to the needs put forward by CAMERA. This is where the architecture starts: from the requirements of a project which go on to provide scope for research and educational activities.
The architectural project for the space was entrusted to the studio Camerana & Partners.
The redesigning of the exhibition space was made possible thanks to a contribution from the Piedmont Regional Council, through the co-financing of the 2007-2013 POR FESR (Regional Operative Programme of the European Regional Development Fund), as part of the activities of valorisation and protection of forms of environmental and cultural heritage.


Exhibitions, Educational, Archives and Talks are the mainstays of CAMERA’s activities:

Exhibitions. With a display area of around 1,000 m2, CAMERA stages three exhibitions per year and a series of supporting shows, alternating Italian and international experiences. The exhibition programme deals with a range of different genres and the various practices of photography, which today ever more frequently dialogues with other art disciplines and beyond.
All the exhibitions are produced or co-produced by CAMERA in association with other Italian and international institutions

Educational. Visual education, tailored to various age groups and levels, enhances the audience’s ability to develop their own awareness and their own personal and independent critical resources.
The programme includes workshops, seminars, a master course and teaching programmes for schools.

Archives. The Archives department works on the enhancement of the Italian photographic heritage through the development, with the Ministry of Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism, of a large project related to the Census of collections and photographic archives in Italy. CAMERA also dedicates commitment and expertise to the study of archives activities, including the creation of exhibitions and publications of materials from public and private funds.

Talks. In the Gymnasium, CAMERA hosts a series of meetings open to the public with the aim of making the Centre a point of reference in the city for the debate revolving around photography. The programme includes meetings with the protagonists of the world of photography and culture, together with other bodies operating on the local territory, in order to spark healthy debate and open up a new arena for discussion and cultural experimentation. The structure of the programme foresees two encounters per month: one focusing on the exhibitions underway in CAMERA, and the other one on the universe of photography in terms of the professional field but also as a sphere of interest to be shared with a broad public.


CAMERA may be booked by companies and individuals to organize gala evenings and special events.

Multifunctional space available for the organization of conferences, conventions and other events.


The bookshop completes the CAMERA’s cultural offering through an ad hoc, constantly updated selection of publications on national and international photography.

Leica Store Torino

Leica Store Torino, is an exceptional location where you can find the complete range of photographic products of the German company, but also an innovative and multimedia space with alternating projects focused photographic image, video and interactive contributions, which It spreads over an area of 100 mq is both a commercial space where professionals and enthusiasts can find and try the full range of Leica cameras – the new Mirrorless professional Leica SL to the legendary Leica M , the new Leica Q and T compact – but also a place where lovers of photography can attend exhibitions and meetings with the most significant contemporary authors, thanks to the collaboration with CAMERA – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia.