Duration: 1 year from subscription.


a) Invitations to membersonly exhibition openings;

b) Free entry to CAMERA’s exhibitions;

c) Priority booking for public initiatives – conferences, meetings, workshops;

d) Subscription to the newsletter and to the program of activities




*additional card for a second member



In consideration of the generous support, Benefactors will get valuable benefits and become part of Associazione Promotori Fondazione Camera.

Duration: until December 31st, 2017

All Member’s benefits, plus:

a) With permission, publication of Benefactor’s name in official CAMERA website with special mention;

b) Private preview of the venue in Via delle Rosine;

c) Invitations for private curatorial walkthroughs for major exhibitions in the presence of the curators and the artists;

d) Free entry to CAMERA’s exhibitions;

e) Invitation for offsite exhibition openings;

f) Priority booking for public initiatives – conferences, meetings, workshops;

g) Subscription to the newsletter and to the program of activities;



Price: 250 €


CAMERA aims to bring together a trusted group of Companies, interested in promoting arts by supporting and participating in the full range of CAMERA’s cultural activities.

In return for an annual financial contribution, and with a view to constructing a pro-active form of collaboration, CAMERA provides the Company with a host of benefits as well as making its scientific know-how and artistic skills available in order to develop cultural projects both with and for the partner Company.


I. Mention and presence of logo in the following media:

a) Colophon at the entrance to CAMERA;

b) CAMERA’s website;

II. Other privileges:

a) opportunity to host private events in the Centre for guests and/or employees, in the presence of artists and curators, during each exhibition (excluding any organisational costs);

b) private tours of every exhibition for guests and/or employees, led by the Camera staff;

c) invitations to openings and events;

d) free exhibition tickets for guests and/or employees;

e) complimentary copies of each catalogue;

f) opportunity to organise workshops and activities for employees (excluding any organisational costs);

g) opportunity to develop special activities within the CAMERA programme – e.g. a study course, an award, etc.;

h) discounts for Partners’ employees.

III. Other services, in addition to those already enumerated, to be defined jointly.

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