The Many Lives of Erik Kessels

1st June - 30th July 2017

The Many Lives of Erik Kessels, curated by Francesco Zanot, will be on view at CAMERA from 1st June until 30th July 2017, and offers the first retrospective exhibition dedicated to the photographic work of the Dutch artist, art director and publisher Erik Kessels.

Over the 20 years of his career, Kessels has come to the fore as a main and unquestionable reference in the field of so-called ‘found photography’. Instead of shooting new images, for most of his projects he brings together pre-existent photographs and reuses them as tiles to form his own mosaic. He is a photographer without a camera or even a lens: in his practice, photography is a ready-made element to be sampled and re-contextualised. The result is a sort of eco-system of images, through which nothing is added to the enormous quantity of imagery which now crowds out the world and grows exponentially day by day, but which on the contrary merely recoups and recycles that which is already there.

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