The gaze beyond the border. Talk with Francesca Mannocchi

War diaries. Talk with Gabriele Micalizzi

A tale of war from the 1930s to the present

Courage of the images. Talk with Susan Meiselas

Screening of the movie “The Mexican Suitcase”

Screening of the movie “The Spanish Earth”


The Girl with the Leica, talk with the author of the book

A European in New York

“How to Make Jam” by Vaste Programme

Senti che foto! Talk on accessible photography

The giants of 20th century French photography narrated by Walter Guadagnini

Germano Celant and photography

Nuova Generazione

“The Grapes of Wrath”. America of the Great Depression from photography to film

Talk with Francesca Mannocchi. Photography and journalism tell the story of climate migration