Foto Vite. Two exhibition in comparison

Thursdays at CAMERA | 15 September, 6.30pm

The meeting will focus on the two exhibitions in CAMERA, La rivoluzione siamo noi. Arte in Italia 1967-1977Ketty La Rocca. Se io fotovivo. Opere 1967-1975, a group show and a solo exhibition that tell the electric climate of the sixties and seventies, years of experimentation, research and invention of new artistic forms.


With the participation of:
Monica Poggi
, CAMERA’s head of exhibition and curator of Ketty La Rocca
Ludovico Pratesi, curator of La rivoluzione siamo noi
Raffaella Perna, curator of Ketty La Rocca


The talk costs 3€ and reservations are recommended.
For reservations, click here.