Hidden Voices. The resisting tongues

Thursday at CAMERA | Special Wednesday | 22 May, 6.30pm

On Wednesday 22 May at 6.30pm CAMERA will host a talk dedicated to the exhibition Voci Nascoste. Le lingue che resistono, realised with Chora Media in cultural partnership with Lavazza, opened during EXPOSED Torino Foto Festival.

With Mario Calabresi, Walter Guadagnini and curator Giangavino Pazzola, with a contribution by Francesca Lavazza, the talk will be an opportunity to get closer to the stories, people and places told by the exhibition through the voices of its authors: from the francoprovençal communities in the Upper Aosta Valley portrayed by Arianna Arcara to the groups speaking Griko Salento in Apulia photographed by Antonio Ottomanelli, passing through the story of the Holy Week of the Eparchia (the Albanian Easter) in Sicily, realised by Roselena Ramistella. A hidden world of knowledge and stories in constant transformation, where the past and the present constantly intersect.

The project also continues in a podcast series produced by Chora Media, narrated by Mario Calabresi and written by Valerio Millefoglie.


With the participation of:
Arianna Arcara, photographer
Antonio Ottomanelli, photographer
Roselena Ramistella, photographer
Mario Calabresi, journalist and director of Chora Media
Francesca Lavazza, advisor of Lavazza Group
Walter Guadagnini, artistic director of CAMERA
Giangavino Pazzola, curator of the exhibition



The talk costs 3,00€
For reservations, click here.