Joan Fontcuberta. The betrayal of images

I giovedì in CAMERA | 13 June, at 19.00 pm

Entrance talk
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Joan Fontcuberta, one of the leading exponents of contemporary photography, will be at CAMERA for a talk open to the public on Thursday 13 June at 7.00pm. Catalan (born 1955), Fontcuberta, photographer, philosopher, teacher, careful observer of contemporary reality has transformed the world of photography with his works, from imaginary animals to surreal photomontages, and has theorized a new universe of images: post-photography, of which he is one of the founding fathers. For thirty years he has been throw into confusion the world of photography with a series of brilliant projects that play with the power, the charm and the risk contained in each image, to invite people to get rid of habits and to explore the boundaries between reality and fiction, with responsibility and humor. He is a master at manipulating photography, through which he manages to give a distorted yet plausible perception of reality, in order to instill doubt about the veracity of representation and communication, the suspicion that the boundary between reality and illusion is often so subtle as not to to be caught. In the meeting Joan Fontcuberta will dialogue with the director of CAMERA, Walter Guadagnini, to investigate the linguistic modalities with which fake news and alternative truths spread in the communities and acquire more and more relevance within artistic creation and political activism. Although post-truth is a phenomenon of social control for artists and activists, it is increasingly included in the process of artistic creation and becomes an instrument of social, economic and political criticism. In this context, the fake images adopted by the artists are artifices to infiltrate with authority in other contexts and create narrative short circuits. Fontcuberta will question how this type of fiction manifests itself today in art and photography and how the ways of creating meaning also act through deception. Joan Fontcuberta is a Catalan photographer, teacher and writer. He teaches Audiovisual Communication at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, ​​and is considered one of the leading exponents of contemporary photography. His works have been exhibited in numerous museums around the world, from the MoMA in New York to the Science Museum in London, and form part of important public and private collections. In 1980 he founded the magazine Photovision. He is the author of numerous essays on photography.Made as part of Futures Photography co-financed by the European Union Creative Europe Program. SpeakersJoan Fontcuberta, PhotographerWalter Guadagnini, CAMERA Director

Entrance talk > 3 Euro
Entrance talk + exhibition  > 10 Euro full price ticket | 6 Euro reduced-price ticket

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