Magnum Photos for Langhe-Roero and Monferrato

Until 19 April 2015

Residency: Langhe-Roero and Monferrato
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Wednesday 19 April 2015
9 days
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Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, one of the most visited hill ranges in Italy, recently recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will be the object of a photo mission led by two great photographers from Magnum Photos – Alex Webb and Harry Gruyaert – on a photography residence project, along with 30 young photo artists.

The project will be split into two separate sessions. The 15 participants of each session, all Italian residents and under 35 years of age, have been selected through a call issued by the Piedmont Regional Council in collaboration with the Alba Bra Langhe-Roero Tourism Bureau and the Leica Akademie of Italy. They will work under the guidance of the two great photographers to document the historic and cultural heritage of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato.

Please see below the list of winners:

Group 1. Alex Webb
25 May–2 June, 2015

AIMAR Federico (Turin)
AMOROSINO Francesco (Rome)
BENAGLIA Michela (Milan)
BERTI Giuliano (Turin)
CECCONI Gabriele (Perugia)
CHIARAPPA Alfredo (Potenza)
FOLGOSO Carlos (Florence)
MAJLEND Bramo (Florence)
MENINI Matilde (Bologna)
PISTILLI Francesco (L’Aquila)
RICCIO Elisabetta (Turin)
SACCO Nicola (Milan)
SAPIENZA Simone (Syracuse)
SCANDIFFIO Giuseppe Valerio (Milan)
TODDE Francesca (Milan)

Group 2. Harry Gruyaert
October 12–20, 2015

ALFANO Andrea (Naples)
BARZAGLI Giancarlo (Florence)
CAMARDA Domenico (La Spezia)
CESARIA Marco (Milan)
CIRILLI Francesca (Turin)
CORRENT Claudia (Bolzano)
DE FRANCISCIS Andrea (Naples)
DE NICOLA Enrica (Latina)
FERRERI Paolo (Cuneo)
LIVERANI Alex (Ravenna)
MANOLINO Francesca (Turin)
PALEARI Simone (Milan)
QUAGLIATO Luca (Milan)
RAMPINI Alex (Turin)
ZANNONI Matteo (Livorno)