Open Lectures ICP – International Center of Photography, New York

Next event 26th July 2016

July 6th, at 7pm
New Media
with Andrea Cattaneo, photographer

Andrea Cattaneo will be speaking about his trajectory as a new media image-maker. He will be addressing new media advances such as VR and where journalists stand in the field. He will also show his current project work.

July 11th, at 7pm
Documentary Photography
with Stefano De Luigi, photographer

Stefano De Luigi will be speaking about his trajectory as a documentary photographer and member of the VII Photo Agency. He will be addressing issues in the field today and showing current project work.

July 26th, at 7pm
Business and Promotion
with Alison Morley, Chair, Documentary  Practice and Visual Journalism Program ICP

Alison Morley will be lecturing about basic marketing tools, estimating jobs as well as contracts and model releases.

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Free entrance.