Questioning the Verge

FUTURES Annual Event | Saturday 5 November, 6.30pm

The artists Laia Abril, Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs and Max Pinckers will talk to the curators Julija Reklaitè, Salvatore Vitale, Giangavino Pazzola and Marina Paulenka about the concept of ‘being on the verge’.

The meeting will take the form of an informal roundtable in which, taking their cue from the research paths mapped out by each of the photographers, the artists and curators will interact to discuss the meanings, modalities and forms that the verge takes on today in their working practices.

Is being on the verge an opportunity for artistic work? Does it have positive or negative connotations? Just what kind of art do we need in times of crisis?


The appointment is free and will be held in English.
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