Screening of the movie “The Spanish Earth”

Thursday at CAMERA | 16 May 2024, 6.30pm

Directed by the American filmmaker Joris Ivens, with the extraordinary participation of Ernest Hemingway as author and narrator, The Spanish Earth (USA, 1937, 52′) tells about the Spanish Civil War and its impact on peasant life.
In the protagonists and in the landscapes we recognise the figures and atmospheres of Robert Capa and Gerda Taro‘s photographs. The Spanish conflict is the scene of their best-known shots but, tragically, also the circumstance of the photographer’s death, which occurred following an accident during a hasty retreat to Brunete. Like Capa and Taro, director Joris Ivens also decided to go to Spain to witness and document the conflict between republicans and fascists. After a first stop in Madrid besieged by the Francoists, Ivens travelled to Paris where he met Ernest Hemingway, special envoy of the North American News Alliance. The text written by Hemingway as a commentary on the images contributed to the film’s success, making the crude reality of the Spanish war known internationally.


The screening is in collaboration with AIACE Torino and ANCR – Archivio Nazionale Cinematografico della Resistenza.


With the participation of:
Enrico Verra, director of AIACE Torino


The talk costs 3,00€
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