The gaze beyond the border. Talk with Francesca Mannocchi

Thursday at CAMERA | 21 March 2024, 6.30pm

On Thursday, March 21, CAMERA is pleased to once again host Francesca Mannocchi: a war reporter, journalist and writer who deals with migration and conflict and collaborates with Italian and international newspapers. She has made reportages in many countries, including Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Yemen, and is now a correspondent on the Palestinian front.

The dialogue between Monica Poggi, curator of the exhibition Robert Capa and Gerda Taro: photography, love, war, and Francesca Mannocchi intends to explore the role of the journalist in the telling of reality, the search for truth and the relationship between information and the image, creating a trait d’union with the work carried out by Capa and Taro during the Spanish War in the 1930s.


With the participation of:
Francesca Mannocchi, journalist
Monica Poggi, CAMERA’s curator and co-curator of Robert Capa e Gerda Taro‘s exhibition


The talk costs 3€.
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