110 anni di industria a Torino. Uno sguardo tra passato e futuro

piazza Carignano | 27 June – 26 July 2016

The Industrial Union of Turin, founded in 1906, celebrates its 110th anniversary with a photographic exhibition created by CAMERA – Centro Italiano per la fotografia that through a symbolic selection, tells the history of its large, medium and small businesses.

Past and present have been documented respectively with archival materials and through the work of a young photographer. The stories of the companies and the working classes were reconstructed through research into the historical company archives and conservation bodies. At the same time, a photographic project was carried out to document the company’s current working environment, the evolution of production methods, the new way of living the business and the work environment.

The exhibition, set up in Piazza Carignano from 27 June to 26 July 2016, consists of ten panels, each dedicated to one company illustrated by the archival material and a single large-format iconic image taken from the current-day project.


The businesses shown in the exhibition are:
Atahotel Principi di Piemonte
Dott. Gallina
FIAT Chrysler Automobiles
Italgas S.p.a
L’Oréal – Settimo Torinese
Martini & Rossi
Munskjö Italia – Cartiera di Mathi
Thales Alenia Space
Vincenzo Bona