Michele Pellegrino. Photographs 1967-2023

14 February – 14 April 2024

The exhibition Michele Pellegrino. Photographs 1967-2023 – organized by CAMERA and Fondazione CRC, curated by Barbara Bergaglio and with a text by Mario Calabresi – consists of more than 50 images by photographer Michele Pellegrino.
It is a concise anthology of his entire creative journey, including mountains, rituals, faces and moments from the rural world, telling the story of Pellegrino’s passion for his land and for photography. A botanical landscape study and a digital selection from the archive complete the exhibition.

The exhibition is divided into five sections that summarize the author’s work throughout his long professional and artistic career: Esodo. Storie di uomini e di montagne, Visages de la Contemplation, Scene di matrimonio, Le nitide vette e Langa.


The exhibition will be at the Room n.6 from February 14 to April 14, 2024.

Michele Pellegrino

Michele Pellegrino was born on February 1, 1934 in Chiusa Di Pesio, in the province of Cuneo. He discovered photography by chance at the age of thirty-three; in a short time, he learned the craft and began his career as a photographer. He began exhibiting in 1969 and his first book was published in 1972. Although he has held numerous exhibitions over the years, Pellegrino has always preferred to publish photo books, which allow him to reach a wider audience and facilitate understanding thanks to the detailed written text. In 2000, he was one of ten photographers from all over the world who created a traveling exhibition (between Italy, Spain, Canada and Japan) entitled 100 shots for the year 2000 on the occasion of the World Year of the Mountain.

He has been retired for a few years now, but he continues to photograph, also thanks to the advent of digital photography, which has given a new impetus to his production.