Urban Frame

Presentation of the project | 2 July, 6pm | Dorado, Turin

CAMERA is happy to announce its collaboration with Stratosferica on the Urban Frame project, funded by the Torino, che cultura! call for proposals.


Over the next three years (2024-2026) Urban Frame will put cities and urban phenomena at the centre of a multidisciplinary creative investigation: the different visual languages – photography in particular – will be the tools through which to analyse and narrate transformations, challenges and new solutions linked to the urban context.

Urban Frame is a project full of contents and activities: exhibitions, workshops, working tables, but also moments of confrontation and restitution with international professionals called to Turin to tell the story of the city from an unprecedented point of view.

The project will also provide an opportunity to enrich the city’s cultural schedule, particularly during Utopian Hours, the international festival of city making and urban innovation that Stratosferica has been organising since 2017.


To find out more, the appointment is Tuesday 2 July, 6 pm, in Dorado (Lungo Dora Firenze 37). Luca Ballarini (Founder of Stratosferica) and Monica Poggi (Curator and Exhibition Manager) will talk about Urban Frame involving also Rosanna Purchia, Councillor for Culture of the City of Turin.