ART/FOOD Workshop: Agorà in Turin 2015

June 2015

ART/FOOD Workshop - Agorà a Torino 2015
Piazza Castello, Turin
3–5 June; 15–19 June 2015
9.00–10.30; 11.00–12.30; 13.00–14,30; 14.30–16.00
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Agorà a Torino 2015

The aim of the workshop is to bring children closer to the language of photography through the representation of food, the main theme of EXPO 2015. The activity will be split into three stages:

Food in the history of photography

Following a historical rundown on the representation of food ever since the birth of photography, the group will be guided through a reflection on the transformations that have taken place around this theme over time, in the wake of the technological evolution of the photographic medium and the various functions that it has taken on in contemporary society.

The hunt for imagery, from the seed to the package

The second activity is designed to highlight the transformation processes of food from its origins to the final product, which are often invisible or overlooked. On the basis of this aspect, the theme of the narrative in photography will be addressed: what is it that images can tell us?

The palette of the photographer

The third activity will allow the class to get to grips with the main elements in the construction of an image: from the choice of the set to the subjects to portray, from light management to framing. It will underline how these aspects are fundamental in terms of defining the personal style of an photographer. At the end of the workshop, the children will view the results of their work all together, with a projection of the images produced.