FUTURES 2018 | Coa, Giannico, Mortarotti, Perna, Pingitore, Positano

Project Room | 5 October - 4 November 2018

As part of the European project FUTURES (EPP – European Photography Platform) to foster emerging talent, CAMERA – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia is pleased to introduce the exhibition FUTURES 2018 | Coa, Giannico, Mortarotti, Perna, Pingitore, Positano (curated by Giangavino Pazzola).

The journey of FUTURES 2018 | Coa, Giannico, Mortarotti, Perna, Pingitore, Positano which will open to the public on Friday 5 October in the Project Room at CAMERA, consists of unpublished works created specifically for this occasion by six emerging authors, who were chosen by a commission of experts to provide an overview of the new themes and languages featuring within Italian photography.

The exhibiting artists are Umberto Coa (Palermo, 1988), Teresa Giannico (Bari, 1985), Vittorio Mortarotti (Savigliano, 1982), Armando Perna (Reggio Calabria, 1981), Lorenzo Pingitore (Turin, 1985) and Anna Positano (Genoa, 1981). The photographers were chosen by an esteemed committee including Ilaria Bonacossa (Director of Artissima – Turin), Diane Dufour (Director of Le Bal – Paris), Francesca Lavazza (collectionist), Beatrice Merz (Fondazione Merz – Turin) and Walter Guadagnini (Director of CAMERA – Turin).