Conclusion of the Residency with Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb

25 May–2 June 2015

The first session of the photography residency “30 up-and-coming talents and two photographers from Magnum Photos for Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, UNESCO World Heritage Site”, just came to an end.
The 15 participant photographers – selected through a call issued on 27 March by the Piedmont Regional Council in collaboration with the Alba Bra Langhe-Roero Tourism Bureau and the Leica Akademie of Italy, and closed on 19 April 2015 – worked closely with Alex Webb (Magnum Photos) and Rebecca Norris Webb on the discovery of the Piedmont territory recently recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The photographic mission, organised by CAMERA with the support of the operators of the local Tourism Bureaus, saw the great commitment made by participants over various intensive days of shooting, coupled with moments to share, edit, and debate the works produced. Besides developing their own individual projects, participants had the chance to witness the famous Magnum photographer’s working method, as he was also invited to produce his own body of work.
The first session saw the participation of the following young photographers, all Italian residents under 35: Federico AIMAR (Turin), Francesco AMOROSINO (Rome), Michela BENAGLIA (Milan), Giuliano BERTI (Turin), Majlend BRAMO (Florence), Gabriele CECCONI (Perugia), Alfredo CHIARAPPA (Potenza), Carlos FOLGOSO (Florence), Matilde MENINI (Bologna), Francesco PISTILLI (L’Aquila), Elisabetta RICCIO (Turin), Nicola SACCO (Milan), Simone SAPIENZA (Syracuse), Giuseppe Valerio SCANDIFFIO (Milan) and Francesca TODDE (Milan).
Over the course of the residency, participants explored a number of towns throughout the territory –Alba, Asti, Barolo, Barbaresco, Canelli, Costiglione d’Asti, Grinzane, Serralunga, La Morra, Nizza Monferrato, Roddino and Vignale Monferrato, to name but a few – and visited their most typical venues, such as wineries, nearby villages, pastures and abbeys, living in close contact with local communities and traditions.
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